Cooper Mass Notification System

Protect, Alert & Inform Your Most Critical Asset, Your People

Cooper Notification is the industry’s leading developer in advanced technological solutions for the rapidly growing Mass Notification System (MNS) market, where delivering the right message to the right people at the right time is paramount to life safety.

 Our solutions include:

  • In-Building MNS Solutions
  • Outdoor Wide-Area MNS
  • Distributed Recipient MNS (Voice Calls, SMS/text and email messages, pagers and desktop notifications)

From catastrophic natural disasters to the threats college students face, there has been a heightened demand for effective, multi-layered emergency communications. That’s why Cooper Notification’s integrated and interoperable Mass Notification platform, ALERiTY, provides the perfect solution to instantly communicate to everyone – anytime, anywhere.

Through concise, timely and event-specific voice and visual messages, the ALERiTY integrated MNS solutions provide real-time information to people in a building, site, or geographic location, communicating what to do in response to the threat. Cooper Notification’s reliable MNS solutions allow you to send alerts and potentially life-saving instructions to unlimited communication devices, including voice sirens, indoor and outdoor speakers, digital display signage, text messaging, voice calls, desktop alerts, and email notifications. Around the world, Cooper Notification is helping emergency managers and security professionals in more than 500 MNS installations deliver critical alerts when it matters most.

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Emergency Control Systems

WAVES Integrated Base Station (IBS) is the Central Control Unit of Cooper Notification’s Wide-Area Mass Notification System for distributing critical information before, during and after an emergency.  A portable model is also available.

Speakers & Sirens

Featuring industry-leading intelligibility, Cooper Notification offers a wide-range of outdoor loudspeakers and voice-based sirens, including WAVES High-Power Speaker Arrays, mobile and portable speaker systems, and Integrated Speaker Units.

Visual Devices

A wide range of digital display signage and strobe appliances for mass notification and emergency communications are available from Cooper Notification.

WAVES Emergency Control System Accessories

Remotely access the WAVES Mass Notification System through your phone, internet or a WAVES Wireless Duress Activator to initiate critical mass notification functions.  Coordinate regional alerting through WAVES Web Connect.

WAVES Network Accessories

WAVES secure and robust communications network are intelligent digital wireless transceivers that drive audio, visual and data devices.  A variety of network accessories and antennas provide extended coverage, increased signal range, and lightning protection.

WAVES Power Supplies

Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide high-performance backup power for WAVES Integrated Base Station and its digital wireless transcievers, TRX-401. Solar panel battery backup option is available for WAVES High Power Speaker Arrays.

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