Explosion Proof/Hazardous Area Signaling

Call Points

Call Points are designed for use in hazardous locations and harsh environmental conditions for activation of fire alarm panels

Combination Horn Strobes and Speaker Strobes

The Combination Units may be assembled from a range of strobes and sounders. Mounted on a steel plate, the units are pre-wired as standard such that a single input operates both the sounder and strobe simultaneously.

Explosion Proof Bells

Explosion proof bells listed for service in Division One applications. They are designed to operate safely in atmospheres that contain the explosive elements in free form


A variety of horns designed with a high to cope with the harsh environmental conditions found offshore and onshore in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.


Loudspeakers are intended for use in potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres, has a power rating of up 25 watts and is suitable for use in all gas groups including hydrogen.


A variety of strobes for use in potentially harsh atmospheres and environmental conditions including UL listed, high output, and number of color, voltage and candela models

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